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Lets Create a Healthy Hanford, CA. Hanford Health & Demographics

Lets Create a Healthy Hanford, CA. Hanford Health & Demographics

Where is Hanford, CA you ask? On average, more than 90,500 monthly online searches ask the question: “Where is Hanford?”  I don’t know if that suprises you or not.  Maybe it doesn’t given that you knew there was a Hanford, CA and a Hanford, WA.  But, how would you tell them where Hanford, CA is? Would you say…



Hanford, CA Geographically

Hanford, CA is the wonderful city located in the San Joaquin Valley, in Kings County, 1 hour and 24 minutes north of Bakersfield, 42 minutes south from Fresno, 2 hours 18 minutes East of Pismo Beach, and 20 minutes West of Visalia, CA.

  • Hanford, CA Map Link – Google Maps
  • The latitude of Hanford is 36.327N. The longitude is -119.644W.
  • It is in the Pacific Standard time zone. Elevation is 249 feet.
  • The estimated population, in 2003, was 45,368.

Is Hanford a Healthy City?

What if you were asked an important question about Hanford like, “Is Hanford a healthy community?”  Would you be surprised, or could you tell them? To tell someone where something is you often reference other locations as well as specific data and facts unique to the described location.

“To find out where we are regarding our Health as a community, we should consider the relevant data and where we are in relation to other communities.”

Hanford, CA Health

The Kings County Department of Public Health published Kings County Community Health Status Report (most current 2008-2009) that gives insightful information in regard to where we are health-wise.  According to their report:

Births – Pregnancy in Kings County, CA

  • Kings County’s birth rates are higher than the State as a whole.
  • In 2005, nearly ½ of the teen births in Kings County were to women age 19. Over ¼ of the teen births were to women age 18.
  • 85% of Women with positive pregnancy tests gave a history of not planning the pregnancy.
  • Rate of births with inadequate prenatal care was lower in Kings County than California on average.

Planned Pregnancy

  • 85% of women with a positive pregnancy test gave a historyof not planning the pregnancy.
  • Kings county has a higher proportion of births occuring within 24 months of a previous birth than California on average.

5 Steps from the CDC to Get Ready for a Healthy Pregnancy:

  1. Take folic acid every day for at least 3 months before getting pregnant to help prevent birth defects.
  2. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
  3. If you have a medical condition, be sure it is under control. Also be sure your vaccinations are up to date.
  4. Talk to a health care professional about any over-the-counter and prescription medications you are taking.
  5. Avoid contact with toxic substances or materials that could cause infection at work or home.


  • In Kings County for 2007, the rate of “any breastfeeding” is 74.1% and “exclusive breastfeeding” is 25.4%.
  • California rates for “any breastfeeding is 86.6% and for “exclusive breastfeeding” is 42.7%.

Causes of Death – click to expand




According to 2005 data from the California Health Interview Survey, the prevalence rate of asthma in Kings County among children 17 and under is 24.7% – the second highest in the state.




  • Kings County has met the first goal with almost 97% of all children entering Kindergarten being up to-date on all required immunizations.
  • Kings County is at about 85% for the second goal of having all two-year olds up-to-date on all immunizations.
  • Kings County does very well in getting the influenza vaccine out to the senior population every year through drive-through flu clinics and open clinic time at County Clinics.
  • The rate of adult protection among the other vaccines is very low.


Obesity rates have been rising in the United States for over 30 years. Current estimates of obesity show that in California, 22.6% of the adult population is obese. Rates of overweight and obesity have also gone up for children and adolescents.

Air Quality

air quality


Level of education is important in regards to our health because higher education improves the opportunities for a better quality of health.

Kings County    Versus     California

No High School Diploma      30.1%                                  19.9%

High School Diploma            30.0%                                 23.2%

Some College/Ass. Deg.        27.5%                                 27.9%

Bachelor’s Degree or more   12.4%                                 29.0%

Overall Analysis

While there is a lot of data in the report not covered above, the categories above give specific information that can lead us to goals and conclusions regarding our health as a community.  There are various health problem areas that need to be addressed.  There are also areas where we can be proud of our improvements.

Hanford’s health is our responsibility.  Making specific lifestyle choices will positively affect ourselves, our children, and our community. Make health a priority for you today.


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