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8 Reasons to Exercise During Pregnancy

OBGYN Doctor Hanford CA8 Reasons to Exercise During Pregnancy

There re many benefits that can be gained by safe exercise during pregnancy, both for Mother and Baby.  It is important to understand basic safety principles and discus your plan wit your doctor, however don’t let common myths or fears lead you to avoid exercise.  Below are 8 reasons why you should stay active during your pregnancy, and some basic principles to follow.

8 Reasons to Exercise During Pregnancy

1. It can decrease your chance of having Gestational Diabetes & Macrosomia (A Large baby).

2. It can decrease your chance of having Preeclampsia.

3. It can increase your energy, help you feel better, decrease stress, sleep better, and decrease depression.

4. It may decrease 3rd trimester symptoms such as back pain & pain in labor.

5. It may help to have a shorter labor.

6. It can increase your chance of having a vaginal delivery.

7.  Pelvic exercises may decrease future risk of incontinence.

*8.  It is an ideal time to change health habits for the entire family and your future child!

A healthier pregnancy is a happier pregnancy!  Take the time to discuss exercise with your Obstetrician and make a plan that will incorporate the benefits of exercise into your pregnancy journey safely.

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