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Pregnancy & Exercise

Pregnancy & Exercise

5 More Tips for exercising during Pregnancy

Previous articles discussed eight benefits (Why?) exercise during pregnancy is important, the risks and recommended types (what? exercises), and now we discuss “The How”.  How you exercise is just as important as what exercises you do.

1. Warm-up & Cool Down.

When creating your exercise plan, build in time to warm up with stretching and cool down afterwards.  Remember, your body is going through many changes.

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how to exercise during pregnancyWhat Exercises Should I Do During Pregnancy?

 In the previous blog post we discussed reasons to exercise during pregnancy and its benefits.  But What exercises should I do? Today we will discuss the Do’s & Don’ts, risks and things to avoid, and recommended activities during pregnancy.

Principles to Follow During Pregnancy

Each individual is different and needs a customized plan & Evaluation first from your physician!

  • Moderate exercise/activity has many benefits
  • Don’t overdue what you are normally used to doing
  • Start slow and gradually increase
  • ­Start before you are pregnant if possible
  • Enjoy the time by doing it with a friend, spouse, or family members

Risks & Things to Avoid when Exercising while Pregnant:

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OBGYN Doctor Hanford CA8 Reasons to Exercise During Pregnancy

There re many benefits that can be gained by safe exercise during pregnancy, both for Mother and Baby.  It is important to understand basic safety principles and discus your plan wit your doctor, however don’t let common myths or fears lead you to avoid exercise.  Below are 8 reasons why you should stay active during your pregnancy, and some basic principles to follow.

8 Reasons to Exercise During Pregnancy

1. It can decrease your chance of having Gestational Diabetes & Macrosomia (A Large baby).

2. It can decrease your chance of having Preeclampsia.

3. It can increase your energy, help you feel better, decrease stress, sleep better, and decrease depression.

4. It may decrease 3rd trimester symptoms such as back pain & pain in labor.

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pregnant-woman-w-pillsMedications in Pregnancy

Having a cold can be miserable….even worse if you are pregnant! So what can you do to help? Generally speaking, it is preferable to avoid taking medications during pregnancy, especially during the first 13 weeks. Alas, general other measures can be taken that actually help the symptoms even more than actual medications. However, when necessary, some of the following medications have not been shown to be harmful, and may be used sparingly.

Find out recommendations for: Common Cold | Cough | Sore Throat | Alergies | Runny Nose | and more below…

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Health tip count-your-blessings

Health tip count-your-blessings

It is very easy to forget our blessings.

Taking quick moments to REMEMBER the many blessings we have  (life, health, relationships, God, freedom, and on and on…) is an excellent habit to create that can not only help clear your mind from anxiety and discontent, but also push us towards those things that are truly important in life.

A clear focus on the important things in life improves our health.

Legacy of Lifestyle: Community Lunch & Lecture 10-4-13 Presented by Dr. Michael Lloyd


Legacy-of-lifestyle-FINAL– Click the previous link for Lecture Download (For those that weren’t able to attend and those requesting the powerpoint)


Click Here for More Lifestyle Medicine Resources

Dr. Michael Lloyd will be presenting “Legacy of Lifestyle” a lecture that presents the impact and benefits our personal health choices have on our childrens’ health both genetically (nature) and by behavior influence (nurture).  The  Community Lunch & Lecture will be hosted in the Conference Center by Adventist Medical Center on Friday October 4, 2013 from Noon – 1:30 p.m.

WHAT: “Legacy of Lifestyle” – Community Lunch & Lecture (all are invited)

WHEN: Friday October 4, 2013

WHERE: Adventist Medical Center – Hanford.  115 Mall Drive Hanford, CA 93230

 HOW: RSVP to 559.589.2032




Tricare Now Accepted – Dr. Michael Lloyd –August 27, 2013

Dr. Michael Lloyd is proud to announce the acceptance of Tricare Insurance.  Michael Lloyd, M.D. will provide Tricare Members with both Family Medicine services as well as Obstetrics (Pregnancy Care) services.

“We are all very grateful to the men and women that serve us and our country in the armed forces and hope to provide the excellence of medical care they deserve.”

Tricare Contract – Hanford, CA

The process to contract with Tricare was a long process due to Tricare changing their affiliation to United Healthcare.  Dr. Lloyd’s practice has been credentialed and contracted with United Healthcare for almost a year now, however Tricare extended their wait time for all contracts due to their network changes and transition.

find out more below…

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VIDEO: Practice Virtual Tour – An Inside Look for New Patients

 VIDEO: Practice Virtual Tour – An Inside Look for New Patients

The following video is a short inside look / virtual tour of the practice of Dr. Michael Lloyd, M.D.  Dr. Lloyd is a Board Certified Family Physician and Obstetrics Fellowhip trained Physician providing services to the Hanford, Armona, Lemoore, and surrounding area.

The video provides a quick look at the practice and answers the basic questions of Who? What? When? Where? and How?

More Practice, Pregnancy, & Family Medicine Videos: video.MichaelLloydMD.com


Doctor Lloyd is still presently accepting new patients for Obstetrics, Womens Healthcare, Pregnancy Care, Family Medicine, and Pediatrics.  Please schedule an appointment online or call 559.584.5770.

Hanford Hospital Announces Plans for New Birth Center



Adventist health announced plans for a new birth center and was reported on by the Sentinel.

In the article on February 22, 2013 by Brandon Santiago at The Sentinel (Click here for the article link: SENTINEL ARTICLE)

“HANFORD — A new era is dawning for expectant mothers in Kings County after Adventist Health announced plans Thursday afternoon to build a new $40-million Family Birth Center to provide obstetrics and delivery services for local families.

“We’re excited to announce a new birthplace for Kings County families,” said Adventist Health/Central Valley Network President and CEO Wayne Ferch. “The Family Birth Center helps us serve our region as a resource for starting healthy and happy families.”

The Adventist Health corporate board in Roseville approved funding for the project on Feb. 11, and groundbreaking is expected to occur this year for the single-level, 49,000-square-foot center that will be built adjacent to Adventist Medical Center-Hanford on Mall Drive. It will replace the current birth center at Central Valley General Hospital on Douty Street in Hanford

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the hanford sentinel Physician to speak Pregnancy

the hanford sentinel Physician to speak Pregnancy

Physician (Dr Lloyd) to Speak About Pregnancy Myths -October 4, 2012

Dr. Lloyd will provide a lecture at Adventist Medical Center on Friday October 5, 2012.  He will present common pregnancy myths & truths.  We hope to see you there.

The Hanford Sentinel posted the following announcement:

“HANFORD — Board-certified family medicine and obstetrics physician Dr. Michael Lloyd will present “Pregnancy … A Review of Common Myths and Truths Women are Often Told” at the First Friday with a Physician community lunch and lecture on Friday.

The luncheon will be held from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Adventist Medical Center-Hanford Conference Center at 115 Mall Drive. Lectures are for the public, and lunch is provided.

Starting Monday, Dr. Lloyd will see patients at 460 Greenfield Ave., Suite 3. The phone number is 584-5770.”