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How to Exercise While Pregnant – 5 Tips

Pregnancy & Exercise

Pregnancy & Exercise

5 More Tips for exercising during Pregnancy

Previous articles discussed eight benefits (Why?) exercise during pregnancy is important, the risks and recommended types (what? exercises), and now we discuss “The How”.  How you exercise is just as important as what exercises you do.

1. Warm-up & Cool Down.

When creating your exercise plan, build in time to warm up with stretching and cool down afterwards.  Remember, your body is going through many changes.

2. Be comfortable.

Wear comfortable clothes. Wear a well-fitting bra with good support. Wear good shoes.

3. Less Strain & Stress, More Repetition.

If using weights, use relatively low weights with multiple repetitions.  If you are use to sprinting short distances, walk or jog longer ones. How much should you exercise?  Most medical organizations recommend about 30 minutes a day for most days.

4. Exercise at the right time. 

Choose a time that can be consistent throughout the week.  Maybe its a time when you can have child care or when your husband gets home.  Also, select a time that is weather appropriate.  Not too hot.  Not too cold.

5. Remember the H2O.

If you don’t have a nice water bottle (or two) then get one, carry it, and drink plenty of water.


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